Now it More easy to withdraw your Provident Fund (PF) amount in just Fifteen days


Are you not able to utilize your Provident fund money in proper way? No worries now. Your money in PF account for years is now safe to withdraw in just fifteen days.
Central government took a decision to distribute the PF amount to those whose service is more than 10 years, if you have completed your service of 10 years, you can withdraw the amount accumulated in your account without any hurdles

There is no need to wait for your money months together. By completing all clearances, the money will just credit in to your account in just fifteen days after applying for the withdrawal of your PF amount. By this act more than 50 Lakh of state and central government employees are going to benefited. Previously there is a restriction on withdrawal of PF amount only after 15 years of service.
For any need in spite of any course educational institution we can withdraw the amount for any primary secondary or higher studies. Previously which is limited to only high school and above education.
According to new orders of central government, we can use this PF Money for any use such as marriages health issues of the family members of the account holder. In an emergency if a loan is already taken for any purpose, for reaping that loan also this money can be utilized. In severe health conditions, only in 7 working days the amount will be credited in to your account.

From now apart from self-declaration form nothing is required form employee side. For those who are going to retire in one year there is a facility to withdraw the 90% of the money in you PF account. From now it is going to applicable for those who are going to retire in two years also.
For construction of houses or buying any property or repaying any home laon also this PF money can be utilized. After Buying a house with PF amount, the amount should be credited in to the account again, this rule has been removed now.

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