How to apply for a convocation certificate in osmania university


After completion of your graduation or post graduation, convocation is one of the most important certificate we need from University we studied.
After completion of course most of us will get the consolidated mark sheet and provisional from respective colleges, but most of us don’t know that the convocation certificate will be issued at university after applying for it.
Am writing my experience in getting it from University 8 years after completion of my post graduation.
For those who finished your graduation or post graduation from osmania university can go through this.

Where can I get it :
In osmania university after entering the main gate from Shivam road, if you go inside a kilo metre, to the right side you will examination centre branch. After if in few steps to the left side you will find a bank, that is the place where you will apply for these certificates.
( Though you have some brokers there to help you in getting it by charging some money, no need If you have enough time to apply.)
From morning 11 to evening 4 you can have banks open to pay challan.(convenient time)
You can enquire about amount of fees for respective certificate you want at the bank counter.
Certificates you require: (photocopies)
1. SSC marks sheet.
2. Intermediate mark sheet.
3 provisional certificate.
4. Government issued id proof (driving licence, Aadhar, voter id)
5. Passport size photos (3)
6. Form to fill your details costs 20Rs which you will get there.

After filling the form given in 6th point and putting your required signatures.

By knowing the amount of fees you have to pay, pay that in the bank near by, and attach the cheque given by bank with the above form and submit it at the collecting counters inside( still go inside from there you will find).

After submitting it they will give a receipt which is used to collect your certificate from examination branch, after a week or month according to the due date they mentioned on receipt.

You have facility to get it to the home by post or you can also collect it directly from examination branch if it’s urgent.
If you want to get it by post, at the form submitting counter they will give a envelope buy it and mention the address where you want to receive it.

Hope above information is useful for those who wants to get your certificates from osmania university.

You can also apply here for name correction, duplicate certificates if you lost.

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