Consequences of you claiming yourselves busy all the time


Everyone in this world has same 24th hours per day. Then why only few people are tasting the success while others just stay at the place where they are? 

It’s unfair to tell that you are so busy always, it’s a big lie, or indirectly your acceptance that you are not capable of doing that work, A saying by J F Skinner a well known psychologist. Who proved that 80% of those who claim that they are very busy all the day, will not have any work to do

To prove this we face may people around us in day to day life, to a person who is fat and if anyone suggest him to go to gym and work out, he will just lie that he doesn’t have enough time but the same guy spends full time on watching his favorite hero’s movie or watching cricket match. The other girl want to be an anchor on a television show in spite of her will she never attends a course of anchoring claiming she is busy.

According to psychologists The all people who claim themselves are very busy and their mind will take decision in two ways

State Consciousness of mind.

If we have a goal to achieve, our mind will expect the result before taking a action and makes you ready fur all consequences if we are ready for reaching that goal it makes everything possible in that way

Even if we have a goal to reach few people will never show interest in achieving it, they will fix themselves that they are busy and mind will takes it granted and search for a reason to show that they are busy.

Negative consequences of claiming busy

Is it a mistake to claim that you are very busy all the day, is it a thing which you shouldn’t do at all? Yes specialist says that it’s more than that. It’s not fair to claim business all the time. It shows that you don’t have control on what you are doing, if we keep on telling people that you are busy always there is a chance of people enquiring about your real work, if they know that we are just claiming that you are busy, there is a chance of taking you light on all situations.they don’t believe you in anything and this leads to loss in the opportunities you get and also you may loose human relations too.

What to do
$ make a list of works everyday, pick those which consumes time and energy and don’t try to touch then at all

$ say no wherever required

$ make a specific time to chatting, sending emails, internet browsing, for all these works if we do at a certain time we can save 80% of time according to a survey.

$ Before telling you are busy, we should think once and leave the work which takes most of your time wasting.

$ Before doing a work make a plan and without expecting result keep doing the things in all possible right ways, by this we can save time and get good result.

$ Even at higher positions by thinking at low we tends to do smaller works it should not be done, before starting a work you know what it is and how much effort it needs.

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