Vennela kishore is back to form


Vennela kishore a well known comedian, after his movie “vennela” doesn’t get a chance to give his best but, with the movie Ekkadiki pothavu chinnavaada he got a chance to show his real talent.

In this movie his body language as a physiological disorder person made audience laugh a lot. In this movie he made a role which is strong, in this movie from the start of his first scene he is so strong in building humor, in a scene when he is undertaking treatment at Kerala and conversion with girls is very funny, His actions and humor and dialogs delivery are very attractive which involves audience go rofl. He might not there in full movie, where ever he comes on to the scene he gave his best. In the second half when he was introduced  to nandita swetha for the first time, and go to see her and come back with a torn T-shirt makes audience laugh like anything. We can assume this movie is a great breakthrough to him. We wish to see him as good comedian in his upcoming movies, even it entirely depends on the script written for him. From this movie script writers will keep this in mind and directors will definitely make use of him.

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