Transparency of saudi’s laws in punishing .. Its government imposed Death punishment to the Prince..


Saudi Arabia government ordered for the death penalty to the price of its countryAdel mahemid turki bin Saud Al kabir for shooting a man to death. Arab News said the death penalty was imposed by the court in November 2014 in Riyadh. Desert camp in December 2012, a man killed in a clash with Prince Kabir .. adel. He went straight to the police and said that the man died is his friend, Kabir said details of the incident. By this incident we can see How transparent the judiciary system working to implement the death penalty to the convicts of major crimes in its country .This year, a total of 134 people were executed in Saudi government. In 2015, 158 people have been executed to death sentence, according to Amnesty International figures. The majority of penalties of death sentence is executed to the convicted for Murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, and rape.

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