Things to Know about WhatsApp


“WhatsApp” an most interesting and important Application in everyone’s Smart Phone now-a-days.
If you are using whatsApp and you must definitely know the below things about the Application.

1. Chat messenger used to share messages and media (pictures, videos, voice recordings, documents) very easily and fast.
2. Text editing in WhatsApp : if you want any text in Bold letters use * at the start and ending of the word or sentence.
for eg, Hi how are you Radha. in this sentence you want Radha to be in bold use it as, Hi How are you *Radha*.
if you want the letters to be in italic use under score, eg, Hi How are you _Radha_.
3. In whatsApp people can know whether your messages are deleivered or read.
— after you sent a message you will get a tick after the message. if the tick is two times, it means that the message is delivered.
if the tick changed the color to blue, that means the message is read by the user.

if you want to restrict this. Settings -> Account -> privacy. Go here and you will see Read Receipts, if you enable it people will see whether you read the message or not, if you disable it, they will not know whether you read the message or not. Here if you disable it, you will also not able to see others read or not read your message.
4. Last seen. this feature will let others know when you access the WhatsApp previously. you can also enable or disable this feature at Settings -> Account -> privacy -> Last seen -> No body. if you disable this feature, you will not be able to see the last seen time of others.
5.Your profile picture can be restricted from seeing by others at Settings -> Account -> privacy -> profile picture. by everybody, nobody and your contacts.
6. Mute conversation : you can mute any conversation by tapping the three dots at the top right edge and clicking on mute. You have facility to mute for desired time 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. even if you mute conversations you can opt to get the notifications or stop notifications.
7 while chatting in the group type @ to get contacts of all the group members and you can text to a particular group member including their name.
8. In order to reply to a particular member in the group, hold the message until it turns its color, and press reply icon which will be there on the top first.
9. If you sent a message in the group. and want to know, How many people got message delievered and how many read your message. Hold your message until it turns the color. and press the third icon on the top, you will get to know the details.

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