Sahasam Swasaga Saagipoo Review


Life is a joyful journey until we face any situation which tends to break us. But really happiness in life comes in overcoming any situation and moving on. Every lock is made with a key. And a key without lock is useless.

MOVIE PLOT: we see many People around us with no goal for career and here our Hero (Naga Chaitanya) also comes under the same category, with his loving bike Royal Enfield meets heroine Latha Krishna (Manjima Mohan) who comes to do an internship in a college and stays along with his sister at his house for few days. Slowly they tend to Love each other, but never express that. And one day Our hero plans for a long drive to Kanyakumari to watch the sunrise and the pretty heroine also joins him. In their journey at a point they meet with a sudden accident and inspector Kamath (Baba Sehgal) enters into their life. What that incident is? What happens to our hero and heroine’s love? Why inspector is involved and what he will do? And who is the major role played here? Get them on Screen and thrill felt many things not covered here for you to enjoy on silver screens.


Naga Chaitanya, from his first movie Josh to this latest, there is no doubt to say that he is proving himself as real successor of Akkineni’s Family. In this movie he delivered fantastic performance what the role needs. Gautam Meenam was successful in treating the character of Chaitu, and Chaitu never compromised at any point and you will definitely surprised by his screen presence in the second half. Overall Naga Chaitanya as a young man who is energetic and love to live life to the fullest is perfectly fitted into the character. Manjima Mohan looked pretty on screen with Chaitanya. As good actress she gave her best but she seems to get stuck a few scenes and somehow managed. May be she needs to get habituated to face the camera.

Satish the young choreographer turned as actor with this movie, looked average in his character as Mahesh. Baba Sehgal’s comeback into Tollywood with the movie after Rudrama Devi and he does a good job as police inspector in this movie. As usually as his previous movies we don’t see any well-known Tollywood faces in this movie. All the actors deliver the required emotion and it will be a pleasant surprise for audience to see a real cinematic sequences being performed in a realistic 

A R Rahman delivers fantastic music yet again! Need to compared with YMC but for the plot of the movie in the first half we can say Rahman traveled along with director. His songs in the first hour and Back Ground in the second hour are set perfectly to the movie.

Writer – Director Gautham Menon dared in selecting a story of two different shades in two parts of the movie and he is success in elevating the overall moving carrying the simple suspense point throughout.
Overall : it’s a two shade movie, if you go to watch a love story, an suspense thriller is a gift for you after your snacks. Little bit lagging and boring in second half with continuous violence and action but continues to make audience to stick to the movie just because of the suspense point.

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