Multi language website creation in wordpress made easy


Google is the place where every thing can be found, but only when searched in the proper way. While am building this website of, i just had wordpress installed through my hosting provider and got my theme installed, and with few customizations according to my knowledge, my website is up and ready to publish posts. So, I started writing content and started posting in three languages, Telugu, English, and Hindi. It’s for around  one month i keep on writing content in all the three languages, few of my friend whom I asked  for any suggestion about the website, they told :

“why are you keeping all languages in the same place, why don’t you keep separate tab for each language, so that users will switch to that language”.

After seeking those suggestions from my friends, i was in discussion with few web designers about the language switch, and they directed me in different ways to achieve that and they asked huge amount to get that functionality on my website. But, am not in a position to spend so much of money there, the option I left with is learn on GOOGLE and do.

The developer whom I asked to customize my website told that it takes lot of time and lot of work need to be done in order to build a language switch and achieving separate languages tabs. Before giving this project to a developer and get the work done, i want to give a try, spent around half a day time googling web and watching videos for this to get done. No luck, every where I found a solution of translating a page into desired language, or using some popular plugins to get that work done,  but at one spot I found a video in YouTube to set up multi-site installation on wordpress, which initially didn’t gave me any hope doing so, but later immediately I realized that this multi site concept Will fulfill my need.

I tried it on my test website and am success in achieving it. Immediately I called my developer with whom I spoke and told him that I am able to make dual language switch on my website, and I need rest of the customization over my website.

He tried to convince me that, doing so in multi site installation may be risky and data base may go down and so that entire site may go down, and he told that he will do it with different database for each language and if at any point of time, one site down other language will work.

I got what I want, but after listening what he said, I am in doubt again whether to continue with my work or give project to him to be done.

Again approached our all time teacher Google for help, and found the solution for myself.

If you have taken hosting service for your only single domain from any hosting provider then multi site concept Will be okay, you can happily get the language switch done.

If you have unlimited hosting service, you can achieve language switch by creating separate database for each language.which I did it successfully now and you can see my website having three language switch.

Are you facing issue as me. Please comment here with your issue if I can help i will write a detailed post how we can achieve.

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