Do you know why Tamil people are fighting for the lift of ban on jallikkattu ?


Most of us who are using the social media knows that the Tamil people are fighting for the lift of ban on jallikkattu. Many believe people are fighting to portray the long lasted tradition/legacy of tamils, but that is not the only point. It is one of the point. There are few other points which has to be known.

One important point is to save the Native cattle breeds. Only native breeds are used in Jallikattu. In TN there were 6 native breeds , out of them one (Alambadi) is already declared extinct.The remaining breeds are Kangayam, Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Barugur and Malai Maadu.

Stud bulls are reared by people for jallikattu. The ones that win are much in demand for servicing the cows. Small farmers cannot afford to keep stud bulls, so each village has a common temple bull which services the cows of the village. Jallikattu is the show where bulls are brought and exhibited. The ones which are most agile (and virile) are preferred by farmers. The calves from such bulls are in demand.Stud bulls are used for jallikattu and mating only. Experienced bulls enjoy the situation and display a well thought out exit from the vaadi vaasal. Many of them show off by shaking their heads as a warning. This shows their familiarity with the Jallikattu event.

The main opposition is from the dairy lobby, which wants all native breeds to be eradicated. Events like jallikattu throw a spanner in their plans of creating commercial dairy farms with imported breeds just like in the West.They want the Jersey cows to be spread across the country by killing the native breed. If Jallikkattu is stopped , bulls will be sold to slaughter houses so there wont be any native breed left out. Then this generation and forth coming Generations have to drink the Jersey cow milk which is a main cause for many health issues (Please google for it).

Indian Government. In this they import jersey bulls from Denmark, take the sperm and injecting to local cows and till now they have imported more than 65 bulls. Moreover our native bulls worth more than 1 crore has been exported to Brazil And have been breeded..So that they will get patent for A2 milk Drinking A1 milk causes diabetes etc..Drinking A2 milk doesn’t give diabetes and other diseases. This is the main reason for jallikattu ban.. so that no one here will have our bulls as pets n A2 milk will not be here. We are not getting anything in its natural form and most of the vegetables, fruits, etc, are in the Genetically Modified form and imported from China, US, Kabul, etc. Our people are suffering from cancer, diabetes, etc., because of such things. Artificial drinks cause cancer, kidney problems, diabetes, etc.Our victory is not just getting the ban removed for jallikattu but eradicating all such harmful food items and drinks from our country. Please circulate amongst your group and get the awareness.

It is not the issue of a particular region/people , but its a problem which affects the future generation of this country. So I request you all to understand the importance of it and support Jallikkattu .If you agree , please do share this and spread awareness.

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