Jio to Buzz smart phone market


Another big buzz in the mobile sector. Reliance jio is stepping into mobile manufacture with low cost. With Volte 4G enabled mobile phones at cheaper cost, the mobiles also includes a rare and back camera. 

Now mobile phones which does not support Volte can use a 4G SIM card in it., this can be achieved by installing an application called jio4Gvoice, in order to make calls from these phones mobile data should be kept on always.

In the phones jio introducing this feature will be available so, voice calls from these phones is possible now, along with this jio already have different applications which are almost successful including jio music, jio chat, jio tv, jiomags, etc

Experts are saying that the cost of the mobile phones which jio planning to introduce will be ranging from 1500 to 2500, which is a cheap cost where anybody can afford for.

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