Jio Happy new year offer from January 1st 2017


Today Mukesh Ambani Announced that the Jio is extending its preview offer to Jio Happy New year offer from 1st January for all the existing customers and new customers also.
Now Number portability is available on Jio for those who didn’t want to change their old mobile numbers, but want to use jio. and it’s a good news for existing customers to extend the preview offer and giving it as New year gift as New year offer till 31st March.

Now jio is spreading almost every corner of the country, except those who doesn’t have 4G mobile everyone is using it now. Now a days a 4G mobile is available in the market at a minimum price of 7k rupees, and by extending the free offer till March end, jio planning to grab few more customers to its network, almost everyone is using jio, few those who are not using it now May take jio connection in coming days,

According to mukesh ambani  jio cash wallet is being launched in the first week of December, where it enables every customer to see the digital India in coming days.

This is truly unleashing the transformative potential  of data and today a jio customer is consuming data on par with  and in many cases more than any sophisticated users anywhere in the world,  says Mukesh Ambani and he also says that jio has ekyc of 6 Lakh customers everyday since last three months, and customer verification through ekyc became very fast and it just takes 5 minutes to verify and activate the SIM card. And this is done through 2lakhs outlets in India. And when talking about voice calls, he said that the other network operators are now accepting the jio and the call drops are came down from 90% to 20% now and it’s going to come down still to a better way.

And he also says that the jio SIM home delivery is also being introduced and the SIM card will be activated in just five minutes after  delivered through ekyc, this home delivery will be available from 31st December 2016.

52 million customers are using jio now and jio is going to make India digital, let’s enjoy the happy New year offer for more three months, and this 52 million users count may be potentially increase during the next three months.

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