Hyderabad, The Metropolitan city, is now Metro polluting city.


In Hyderabad better go out without bathing,
Anyhow we will come back home with lots of dust and fine powder on us. So called metropolitan city gradually becoming a metro polluting city. City is expanding in all sides, and population is increasing rapidly, and usage of cars and two wheelers increased a lot massively.

According to a survey recently by WHO. In The capital city of newly formed state of Telangana, people are taking like “Do you want to make lassy? Keep some curd and some water and some lemon juice and pinch of sugar in a bottle and keep in your bike dicky and move on Hyderabad roads, automatically in half an hour lassy Will be ready”.

Due the the recent rains in the city the roads in the most of the places washed away, by this we can understand how quality our roads are. How Contractors making money by just lying third grade quality roads, even the roads are repaired, No doubt that, by next rainy season they will be washed out.
Due to these damaged roads everywhere, heavy traffic jams resulting in lot of dust and air pollution.

In the peak hours of morning and evening it takes two to three hours to travel for ten kms.
The prestigious programme of Harita Telangana and green city by government of Telangana may be good but unless, constructing the city roads in the perfect way, and taking actions to control traffic jams and air pollution, any programme like Haritha Telangana may not be 100% successful, as those plants are dieing due to the dust and air pollution.



Government should concentrate on the roads first which helps in stopping traffic jams which indeed vehicles will be on the roads for less time and by this air pollution also comes down.


Make strict rules for road contractors,
Make roads with long life, Decrease in traffic jams decreases air pollution too..

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