How many are getting succeed in movie industry. Are you planning to make your way into it?


Movie industry.. Whether it is any wood, i,e. Bolly, Tolly, Kolly, etc etc.. Surviving with bright results, name, fame, and money, without investing time is impossible here, we must at least deposit 8 to 10 years of time, which indeed Will not be taken back. The time you deposited here Will take so many things along with it from you. Money, family relations, energy, hope, trust, and many more..And by the time you realize and recall what had happened during those years.

The day you took decision to deposit your time the most important thing of your life. The dream which you dreamt to become in future years, have to make you think and take a right decision, if everything works fine ? You are a star of your area, if failure want to be your friend forever…?  Don’t blame the determination you have towards your dream. But,

TIME TIME TIME. No need to blame TIME too, because, it’s your decision to deposit the expensive part of your life, Which is so dangerous that it takes lots of things with it along with you.

 These all great years of your work may Give you full focus light and keep you at heights or may throw you in dark corner making u a loser.

In cinema industry who comes into this business with lots of hopes and talent may…

    • The dream be fully accomplished  for only few, one in Lakhs of them, and many are just failing but trying…
    • Few are not at all reached the goal but they work for the life time, real movie working lovers,
    • Few are born with a golden spoon in their mouth, so called sons, relatives and people known by well established people of industry. Need to talk a bit about them, just for a reason that they know someone in the industry, they will start, but many of them don’t keep the swing, they just drop. 
    • Few show their back and come home with no hope to grow up. No need to blame them, infact that may be a right and wise decision.
    • Few realize early that it’s not their cup of coffee. Smart people smart idea.. Something else waiting for them to put a crown of success.
    • Few come out, but their inner heart core will not forget the flavor of movie industry, smart enough guys will keep on trying but they are on the safe zone of job security. Intelligent people who know to manage financial hurdles.

Here is the story of my friend and roommate during my college, i met him after eight years, who did his MBA in a business school, with great love on movies and Tollywood industry, after finishing his college, by keeping his post graduation certificate in suite case, and lots of hopes to grow up in industry in his heart…since eight years waiting for the right chance and a simple success. It’s his luck f**king him still it’s a missing fruit for him.

There are the days he worked as a makeup man,light men, driver, and many more roles in off screen life just to get in touch with cinema people.and just to be in the shooting spot, as he loves the industry from his inner core of his heart,

He attends every cinema function, watches every movie, praise the established stars, for a simple selfie with any star is worth of a crore for him. 

Why he is not succeeded till now? What’s stopping him? Is he not talented? Is he not trying in right way? Questions I got into my mind. I may not find answers, but I came to an idea that he is enjoying the job of being associated with cinema people, which is making him to forget all pain,


Neither he nor his friends and parents are concerned about his life during long term.didn’t they recognized that it’s too long for him that he deposited almost 8 years of time, that we both departed and now it’s eight years again we met,

I am still seeing him, keep on hoping for the best, living and loving the small world he made himself.

For those who dare to deposit your precious time and may not succeed, what is the answer you give to your patents who have skyfull of hopes on you.

Before choosing your way to live in film industry. Think and move.. It’s really hard to get success here, unless you loose many things, most important time, and depends on your talent and purely luck..

Time is precious..

Funonalways wishes you a bright Deepawali..

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