Do Umpires need more protection??


Umpires in cricket do a thankless job standing by the wickets for the whole match with utmost focus. They need to put their complete attention to detail to the game yet their safety is often overlooked. In one of those unpleasant events, the standing umpire for India vs England 4th test match in mumbai, Paul Reiffel was hit on the back of the head from Bhuvaneshwar Kumar’s throw from the deep square leg.

The 50 year old Australian umpire was immediately rushed to the hospital for the further treatment after the medical staff at the ground helped him with the first-aid. He was relieved for the remainder of the match and has been replaced by the third umpire Marais Erasmus.

So after this incident, the debate to safeguard the umpires during the match has sprung to prominence again. Also people argue that the umpire was mainly at fault as he had his back to the ball rather than watching it till the end.

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